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Our 45 years of experience in the manufacture of dial thermometers, pressure gauges and panel meters has resulted in the developments of a compete line of quality products. The instruments produly illustrated here appeal to the widest spectrum of industries and customer interest...

Electricals, Hardwere, Process units, Refregerations, Refinery scientific instruments and an endless list of applications for the OEM..


National Scientific Emporium & co manufacture all type of temperature instruments, Pressure Gauges and panel meters in India since 1964 . From the very beginning , our focus has been to meet customer’s requirements with quality products, leading technology and responsive services. Our products are available through a network of distributors in India. Thermometers is best suited for temperature measurements in liquid and soft solid, or food with a high liquids content.

If you have any further query regarding Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, panel meter kindly feel free to contact us we assure you of best of our services at all times . We hope to receive your valuable query.

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